B-166 Mirror with Shelf


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CODE: B-166
Price: $122.41
30 days
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B-166 18 x 24 Mirror w/Shelf($122.41)
B-166 18 x 30 Mirror w/Shelf($135.98)
B-166 18 x 36 Mirror w/Shelf($144.69)
B-166 24 x 36 Mirror w/Shelf($169.80)
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Stainless Steel Channel-Frame Mirror & Shelf Combination

One-piece channel frame is 1/2" x 1/2" x1/2" (13 x 13 x 13mm) type 430 stainless steel with bright-polished finish and mitered corners.
Phillips-head frame screw permits easy replacement of mirror.
Type 304 satin-finish stainless steel shelf.
Shelf projects 5" (127mm) and has 3/8" (10mm) return edges on front and sides; front return edge hemmed for maximum rigidity and safety.
Shelf corners are heliarc welded, ground and polished smooth.
Concealed 16-gauge (1.6mm) stainless steel brackets attach shelf to mirror frame.
Mirror corners and back protected by shock-absorbing material.
Back is galvanized steel secured to concealed wall hanger with theft-resistant locking device.



Ordering Mirrors

Size - smaller mirrors can ship via UPS, but they won't take larger mirrors.  Those must ship via motor freight adding a large amount to the overall cost.  In general, UPS will take up to 18 x 30 size, but it varies by model number.

Breakage - it is common for mirrors to break during shipping regardless of how they are shipped.

It is critical that you inspect for breakage when mirrors are delivered.

If you sign for a mirror only to discover later it is broken, then you own it.  We cannot file a claim against the shipping company if you signed for it.

It is easy to check for a damaged mirror.  Just hold up the box and shake it a little.  If you hear broken glass, then note the damage on the shipping ticket.  The driver will take it back.  This is the only way we can make the shipping company pay for the damage.


Designer’s Notes:
1. Special-order sizes available on request.
2. Maximum size mirror available, 24'' x 60'' (61 x 152cm); minimum size, 12" x 12" (30 x 30cm). Maximum shelf length is 24" (61cm).
3. All Bobrick framed mirror/shelf models are manufactured to overall width and height dimensions including shelf. EXAMPLE: A 24'' x 36'' (61 x 91cm) mirror
will be furnished 24'' x 36'' (61 x 91cm) outside-of-frame to outside-of-frame including shelf.
4. To specify special sizes use Series Number followed by width then height in inches. EXAMPLE: B-166 2024.
5. Bobrick framed mirror/shelf models are manufactured to a tolerance ± 1/8'' (3.2mm).
6. For sufficient space to lift mirror onto wall hanger(s), provide 3-1/4'' (85mm) minimum clearance above center line of mounting screw holes.
7. Provide 1'' (25mm) minimum clearance at bottom of mirror for engaging locking screws and 1'' (25mm) clearance on each side.

MATERIALS: Frame — Type 430 stainless steel, 1/2" x 1/2" x 3/8" (13 x 13 x 9.5mm) channel 1/4" (6mm) return at rear with bright polished finish. One-piece frame with 90 degree mitered corners. Galvanized steel back has integral horizontal hanging brackets near the top for hanging the mirror and near the bottom to prevent the bottom of the mirror from pulling away from the wall. Locking devices secure mirror to concealed wall hanger. In Screw Locking Design, concealed Phillipshead locking screws securely fasten mirror to wall hanger. Shelf — 18-8 S, type 304, 22-gauge (0.8mm) stainless steel with satin finish. 3/8" (10mm) return edges on front and sides with front edge hemmed for additional safety. Shelf is welded to mirror frame and reinforced by concealed 16-gauge (1.6mm) stainless steel brackets. No exposed rivet-heads, screws, or fasteners of any type appear on frame or shelf. Mirror — No. 1 quality, 1/4" (6mm) select float glass: selected for silvering, electrolytically copper-plated by the galvanic process, and guaranteed for 10 years against silver spoilage. Corners are protected by friction-absorbing filler strips; back is protected by full-size, shock-absorbing, water-resistant, nonabrasive, 3/16" (5mm) thick polyethylene padding. Concealed Wall Hanger — 20-gauge (9.0mm) galvanized steel. Incorporates lower support member, forming rigid rectangle, which engages lower backplate louvers to keep bottom of mirror against wall.

INSTALLATION: Mount wall hanger on wall with screws (furnished by manufacturer) at points indicated by an S. For plaster or dr y wall construction, provide backing to comply with local building codes, then secure wall hanger with screws furnished. When providing a concealed backing, allow backing to cover minimum range of mounting hole locations shown on drawing. For other wall surfaces, provide fiber plugs or expansion shields for use with screws furnished, or provide 1/8" (3mm) toggle bolts or expansion bolts. Hang mirror on wall hanger with all four backplate louvers engaged behind horizontal wall hanger members. To do this, mirror must be centered in front of the wall hanger horizontally, pressed flat against the wall approximately 1" (25mm) above final position and then lowered into final position. Snap Locking Design — Locking devices automatically secure mirror to concealed wall hanger when it is lowered into final position. Locking devices may be unlocked by inserting two flat blade screwdrivers behind each side of mirror near the bottom or under the bottom of the mirror and pulling mirror bottom forward and then up. Screw locking Design — Lock mirror to wall hanger by tightening Phillips-head locking screws that are concealed in the bottom of frame by points indicated by a T. Mirror may be unlocked from wall hanger by loosening locking screws and lifting mirror off of concealed wall hanger.

SPECIFICATION: Mirror shall have a one-piece type 430 stainless steel channel frame, 1/2" x 1/2" x 3/8" (13 x 13 x 9.5mm), with 90° mitered corners; all exposed surfaces shall have bright polished finish. Shelf shall be type 304, 22-gauge (0.8mm) stainless steel with satin finish and shall have 3/8" (10mm) return edges on front and sides with front return edge hemmed. Shelf shall be welded to mirror frame and reinforced by concealed stainless steel brackets. No rivet-heads, screws, or fasteners of any kind shall be exposed on frame or shelf. Select float glass mirror shall be guaranteed for 10 years against silver spoilage. Corners shall be protected by friction-absorbing filler strips and the back shall be protected by full-size, shock-absorbing, waterresistant, nonabrasive, 3/16" (5mm) thick polyethylene padding. Galvanized steel back shall have integral horizontal hanging brackets located at top and bottom for mounting on concealed rectangular wall hanger and to prevent the mirror from pulling away from the wall. Locking devices secure mirror to concealed wall hanger. Mirror shall be removable from wall.