ED8200 689 Rim Exit Device

ED8200 689 Rim Exit Device

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CODE: ED8200 689**
Price: $275.58
48'' (+$19.95)
3 Hour (A) (+$88.24)
60 days

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Fits a standard 36'' wide door and may be cut down in the field to fit doors as narrow 28''. The device comes non-rated as standard which means it also includes a dogging key to lock the device open (unlocked). To dog the device down, press in the bar and use the furnished allen wrench to hold the bar down. This retracts the latch and allows the door to swing freely.

A fire-rated version is also offered, but you automatically loose the dogging feature. Fire-rated doors must be self closing and self latching. Dogging retracts the latch and would therefore defeat the fire rating requirement, so dogging is offered.