ED800 Operators - NOW ED900



ED800-J Door Operator - Discontinued - Replaced with ED900-J8

CODE: ED900-J8

ED800-T Door Operator is Discontinued - Replaced by ED900-T8

CODE: ED900-T8

FS-1 Frame Push Switch


Price: $2,928.13

PUSH Side Mounting

Dorma automatic door operator that pushes the door open

Price: $2,928.13

PULL Side Mounting

Dorma automatic door operator that pulls the door open

Price: $109.06

Frame-mounted Switch

Accessory for Dorma automatic door operator ED800 and ED900

800-HH-RFT-1 Hand Held Transmitter

CODE: 800-HH-RFT-1

800-RFR Wireless Receiver


800-MS1-RV1 Motion Sensor

CODE: 800-MS1-RV1

Price: $89.11

Hand Held Transmitter

Accessory for Dorma automatic door operator

Price: $180.88

Wireless Receiver

Accessory for Dorma automatic door operator

Price: $479.47

Motion Sensor

Accessory for Dorma automatic door operator

Innovative Technology

With an innovative electromechanical drive and state-of-the-art microprocessor motion control system, the ED900 is DORMA's  most advanced low-energy swing door power operator. The operator is exceptionally quiet, safe, and easy to use. When operated manually, the ED900 demands little physical effort. Advanced power assist through the entire opening cycle makes even the heaviest-rated door feel light.


Fully ADA Compliant

The new operator is especially helpful for children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, or those carrying objects or pushing carts. This fully ADA-compliant device opens doors at precisely controlled speeds and forces, assuring safety for all users.


Advanced Features

The ED900 also includes a blow-open feature for smoke ventilation (per NFPA 92B), permanent hold-open, and an onboard power supply delivering 1.5 amps @ 24 VDC, which eliminates the need for a secondary power supply. It includes programmable options to accommodate even the most challenging door installations. In addition, the ED900 boasts the smallest footprint in the industry—up to 65 percent smaller than some other manufacturers' operators.