Delayed Egress



3101C Delayed Egress Lock (Old Part # 3101B)

CODE: 3101C

3101C ATS BPM DSM DYN Delayed Egress Lock (Old Part #3101B)


3101C DSM Delayed Egress Lock (Old Part #3101B)


Price: $833.06

Standard DE Lock

Price: $982.10

Includes 4 Extra Switches

Price: $870.17

Includes DSM Switch

3101C-ES Controller (3101B is now C)

CODE: 3101C-ES


Price: $476.83

Delayed Egress Controller - Indoor



Typical System For Delayed Egress

delayed egress system


[1] Fail-safe electronic lock - e.g. DynaLock 3000xHSM or 2011xHSM maglock, DynaLock 1614S electric strike, electrified lockset (by others)

[2] Delay egress trigger device - e.g. DynaLock 6451 exit sensor bar, DynaLock 6172 or 6231 pushbutton, door position switch (in conjunction with 3101B “spring style” armature)

[3] Bypass/reset control and/or annunciator - e.g. DynaLock 6370 control & monitor station

[4] Door position switch - for anti-tailgating feature (integrated with maglock models having HSM option)

[5] 12/24 VDC/VAC power source, to match power requirements of the electronic lock - e.g. DynaLock 5025, 5500, 5600

[6] 15 second door sign included, 30 second’ sign available - specify when ordering



Each Delayed Egress system is unique based upon the application.  The parts included and model numbers required vary depending upon the day to day operation required.  But if you remove all the bells and whistles each system has certain basic requirements.

Electronic Logic: The "brains" of the system controls each component part so they serve the Delayed Egress function.  The electronics perform the same each and every time.  They do not "think" and decide how to operate this particular time, it is the same every time.

Electronic Lock: The majority of the time a mag lock is used to lock the door.  But you could also use an electrified lock or even an electric strike in conjunction with a standard mechanical lock.

Alarm: A means of notifying attendants is required. 

Timer: By code, the door must unlock within 15 seconds and a timer is required to count the time.  In some areas, a 30 second count down is permitted.


Beyond these basics, you may add all the bells and whistles you require for your application.