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Folger Adam

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About Folger Adam Strikes

310 Series are industrial duty while 700 Series is heavy duty.  But both are:

ANSI/BHMA A156.31, Grade 1

3 Hour Fire Rated (fail secure function only)




1 year on electronics

5 years on mechanical

NOTE: The electronic warranty is extended to 5 years if you add the 2005 SMART Pac II module. (see below)


2005M3 SMART Pac III

Part No. is 2005M3

This module has pigtail ends to plug into wiring near the electric strike . It has many built-in features such as: surge protection, voltage regulations, timer and MOV fuse.

In short, this module adds to the life of an electric strike. Smart installers always keep a few Smart Pac modules on hand, as they know every electric strike should use this module. Regardless of brand or model, adding a 2005M3 Smart Pac III to an installation is always a good idea.



Folger Adam strikes operate on either 12 or 24 volt DC, with 24 volt being the most popular by far.  Note that you must specify voltage when you order, it is not field selectable.

We stock all models shown on this site in 24 volt DC, which are designated as ''24D''. A few models are stocked in 12D as well.

You may also purchase a F/A strike to operate in AC. These models come with a factory rectifier that converts the AC to DC. We do not stock AC models. You can, however, purchase a model 2005 Smart Pac module that allows for the input of voltages from 12 to 32 volt, AC or DC.



We stock a number of Folger Adam parts such as: springs, screws, solenoids, face plates, bodies, etc.

The most popular parts are shown on this web site.

If you need a part not shown here, please call as we most likely have the part in stock.