IEI Keypads


212i Flush Mount Indoor Keypad

CODE: IEI 212i

212iLM Mullion Style Indoor/Outdoor Keypad


212iLW Indoor/Outdoor Flush Mount Keypad Weather Resistant


Price: $81.98

Flush Mount Indoor Keypad
120 Users

Price: $233.07

Indoor Keypad 120
Users - Illuminated

Price: $177.73

Flush Mount Indoor Outdoor Weather Resistant Keypad
120 Users

Product Notes

Quick notes for the two common keypad models: 212 and 232.

The two models are very similar, with one glaring difference: Model 232 is like the big brother of the 212 as it has an extra component: a 293 relay board.

Model 232 = Model 212 + 293 Relay Board

The 293 board adds these features:

    Door ajar alert - Forced door alert - Door propped alert

If you own Model 212 and want to upgrade it to include these features, then add a 293 relay board. It is a plug-in module that is added to the basic board. Adding the board will essentially turn it into Model 232. Also note the 293 board converts the 3 standard outputs into SPDT relays.