X-09 and CDX-09




CODE: X-09

CDX-09 Standard Plate - DISCONTINUED


CDX-09 Drill Resistant Plate - DISCONTINUED


For Safe Doors - NSN No. 5340-01-498-2758

Always check the NSN number before ordering Kaba Mas products

For Swinging Doors - NSN No. 5340-01-498-2759 - Standard Plate

Always check the NSN number before ordering Kaba Mas products

For Swinging Doors - NSN No. 5340-01-498-2760 - Drill Resistant Plate

Always check the NSN number before ordering Kaba Mas products


3 Basic Models

X-09 - For safe doors

CDX-09 - For swinging doors

CDX-09-DRP - For swinging doors with drill resistant plate





Meeting the toughest of US government security specifications (FF-L-2740A), the CDX-09 outperforms the most industrial strength locks.  What's unique?  For starters it self-powering.  An internal generator (self-activating power plant!) uses the energy from the turn of the dial to fully power itself.  No batteries, no wires, yet with the features of electronic access control.  Second, it is fully hack proof; the digital information is securely tucked away inside the processor's non-volatire memory.  Third, a built-in audit trail feature gives you a log of openings and unsuccessful attempts.  You can even program it so that the audit trail never resets.  Fourth, its EASY to put in because it's a surface mounted deadbolt.  And finally, with three modes of operation it gives you ultimate flexibility and control:

  1. Single Combination Mode:  access by dialing a six-digit combination
  2. Dual Combination Mode:  access only when two separate codes are dialed within 10 seconds of another
  3. Supervisory/Subordinate Mode:  access by a subordinate only after a supervisor code has been entered


  • Direct Dial:  No need to clear before entering combination. Once you stop turning the dial, the power will shut down after 40 seconds.
  • Dead Zones:  None
  • Easy Install:  DIY installation, mounting templates and instructions included with purchase
  • LCD:  Limited view (on top of dial) liquid crystal display with indicator arrows makes combination dialing fast and easy
  • Manipulation:  Fail secure (stays locked) against high-voltage attack, robot attack, X-ray methods, magnetic, vibration, and R/F
  • Wrong Try Penalty:  10-14 errors results in a 3 minute time out. 15 errors or greater results in a 4 minute time out. Both error count and penalty time resets with valid combination
  • Back Cover:  Lock-on, back cover pin prevents removing the back cover without the combination
  • Mounting Plates/Door Strike:  included with order
  • Exit Device Option:  The CDX-09 may be used in conjunction with the Kaba-Mas high security pedestrian exit device (available at checkout - appx. 5 week lead time)


  • Operating temperature range:  10°F ~ 155°F
  • Salt Spray:  Still operational after 72 hours of continuous exposure
  • High R.P.M. (rotations per minute):  Not operational after 4 hours in each direction @ 600R.P.M. Fails Secure (stays locked)li>
  • Case & Bolt Strength:  600 lbs in two directions
  • Electrical Discharge:  Withstands up to 250KV on Dial

Operating:  (The lock is shipped preset to operate in the single combination mode with a default factory combination of 50-25-50)

**CW = Clockwise / CWW = Counterclockwise***

To Open:

  1. Dial left (CCW) until lock is "powered."  The lock is "powered" when numbers appear on the LCD display screen.
  2. Contiue dialing left (CCW) to the first number of the factory combination (50).  Stop on 50 and pause briefly.
  3. Dial right (CW) to the second number of the factory combination (25).  Stop on 25 and pause briefly.
  4. Dial left (CCW) to the third number in the factory combination (50).  Stop on 50 and pause briefly.
  5. Dial right (CW). After OP with a right arrow (OPen right) is displayed, continue dialing to the right to retract the lock bolt 

To Close:

  1. Turn dial to the left (CCW) a minimum of one complete revolution to extend the bolt.
  2. Turn dial to the right (CW) a minimum of one complete revolution to ensure that it is locked.