LCN Door Closers

LCN makes door closers for every door application.  Surface mounted closers are the most popular, but LCN also offers concealed and automatic closers as well.

When ordering LCN closers, it's important to note the difference between Series Numbers and Model Numbers.  For example, the 4040 series is the most popular, but there is no model 4040.

You may order models 4041, 4042, 4043, 4044, 4045, 4046.  The last digit represent the spring size inside the closer body.  Model 4043 uses a size 3 spring.  Model 4046 uses a size 6 spring.

But here's the real trick to ordering LCN closers: when the last digit is a "1", it indicates a special spring is being used that is adjustable through all the spring sizes.  The "1" is an abbreviation for a universal spring.  That is why model 4041 is almost always ordered.  Why limit yourself to a single spring size when you can used model 4041 and have all the spring sizes within a single closer?

The other models are rarely ever ordered.