Surface Mount


LCN Surface Mounted Door Closers are the biggest sellers of the LCN line.

Model 4041 has been replaced by the 4040XP. LCN built the 4040XP from the inside out, combining tougher, bolder construction with proven LCN technology. The result is a closer that’s stronger, smarter and delivers remarkable value in a variety of applications.

The 4040XP (4041) is the most popular model with it's universal design and variety of add-on options.  These include DA Delayed Action, and arm options such as Hold Open, CUSH, and SCUSH.

1261 - quick mount adhesive template and a narrow footprint closer

1371 - easy to install with self cover (discontinued and we are now out of stock, use 1261 with the Quick Fix Bracket instead)

1461 - industrial strength closer

4011 - specialty closer designed for pull side mounting

4111 - specialty closer designed for push side mounting

4211 - high security closer with tamper resistant features