4111-SHCUSH-689 Push Side Closer

LCN 4111 SHCUSH Door Closer

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CODE: 4111-SHCUSH-689
Price: $382.20
60 days
4 x 11 x 3
11.3 lbs
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LCN Closers & Parts

Ordering LCN parts is now easier.  The first half of the part number indicates the door closer series.  The second half of the number indicates the part type, such as arm, cover, etc.




US Builder Supply Notes

This site lists items most commonly ordered.  We also stock many odds and ends, but in small quantities only and don't list them here.  Feel free to call if you need an item you don't see.


SCUSH = Cushioning arm for abusive applications, plush built-in spring and hold open feature.

Model 4111 is part of LCN's 4110 series.

The last digit of the model number indicates spring size.  When the digit is a ''1'', it means the closer contains a universal spring, sized 2-6.

You can also order specific spring sizes: 4112, 4113, 4114, 4115, 4116.  But this is rarely done anymore since the ''1'' spring spans all the other sizes and is fully adjustable in the field.  This is why we only stock model 4111.



Model 4111 is designed to mount on the PUSH side of the door only.  This special design limits your mounting options, but gives you a closer that maximizes performance.  Model 4111 is often used on heavier doors, or very high traffic doors.

It is common to see a mix of LCN models in a large building such as a hospital.  Standard doors will take the more universal model 4041 closer.  High traffic doors with closers mounting PULL side use model 4011.  If a high traffic door has a PUSH side mount, then model 4111 is used.

Using the mix of the 3 closer models allows for the best combination of ease of installation and long life.


Closers are available with the ''H'' hold open arm, but can only be used on non-fire rated doors.

DA closers are Delayed Action closers that contain an extra valve.  This valve holds the door open temporarily, allowing handicapped people more time to pass through the opening.  The DA valve is fully adjustable.



Being a specialized closer, this model is handed.  Use the Images tab to view a handing diagram.




Other arm options are available.  The standard arm is the EDA, which is an Extra Duty Arm.  Other options include:


4111 EDA Extra Duty Arm - Standard
4111 HEDA Hold Open Arm
4111 CUSH CUSH Arm
4111 HCUSH CUSH Arm with Hold Open
4111 SCUSH Spring CUSH Arm
4111 SHCUSH Spring CUSH Arm with Hold open