Von Duprin EPT








Price: $322.52

2-Wires, Aluminum Finish

Price: $322.52

2-Wires, Dark Bronze Finish

Price: $341.54

10-Wires, Aluminum Finish


CODE: EPT-10-SP313


Price: $341.54

10-Wires, Dark Bronze Finish



EPT = Electric Power Transfer

EPTs are used to transfer power from the door frame to the door.

One half of the unit mortises into the frame, the other half into the door.  Between the two halves is flexible armored conduit where the wires pass.  All EPTs come with wire installed, which you may or may not use.  Some applications require different wires than those furnished.

EPT-2 comes with 2/ea 18 ga. wires.

EPT-10 comes with 10/ea 24 ga. wires.


2 Wire Applications


Most applications require only two wires as they power just a simple switch, or an exit device with latch retraction.  The EPT-2 fits these applications well.

More than 2 Wires Required

If you have more than one switch to power you will need additional wires.  You may add your own wires to the EPT-2, or simply order an EPT-10.  It gives you 10 wires which is more than you'll probably ever need.  One note of caution: if powering an EL exit device from Von Duprin you will need 18 ga. wires minimum.  These devices have high amp requirements and 24 ga. wires are too thin.

Most every other type of wiring can use 24 ga.  This includes Touch Bars, Signal Switch (SS) and Request to Exit switches (RX).