22 Series

von duprin


22TP Exit Device


22NL-OP Exit Device


22NL Exit Device


Price: $478.58

Thumbpiece Pull Trim - TP stands for thumbpiece pull.  The thumbpiece is locked and unlocked by a mortise cylinder, which is not included.  We offer the option of ordering the cylinder with the device and trim.

Price: $350.68

Night Latch Optional Pull - NL-OP stands for Night Latch function (always locked), optional pull.  The door is always locked from the outside and entry is by key only.  You must furnish your own pull handle on the outside of the door.  A rim cylinder is required but not furnished with the trim.

Price: $323.55

Night Latch Trim - NL stands for Night Latch.  It is very similar to the DT dummy trim, except the NL takes a rim cylinder (not included).  The cylinder allows entry by key from the outside.  The door is always in locked mode from the outside.

22K Exit Device


22L Exit Device


22DT Exit Device


Price: $434.79

Knob Trim - K stands for knob trim.  This is the only outside trim that Von Duprin furnishes with it's own cylinder included.

Price: $432.08

Lever Trim - L stands for lever outside trim.  The lever is non-handed.  It does require a mortise cylinder, which must be ordered separately.  We offer you an option to add this to your order along with the device and lever.

Price: $318.12

Dummy Trim - DT stands for dummy trim, which will be included along with the exit device.  The dummy trim is simply a pull handle bolted onto the door.

22EO Exit Device


22TP-BE Exit Device



Price: $316.75

Exit Only - EO stands for exit only, which simply means no outside trim is included. Only the exit device is included.

Price: $436.15

Thumbpiece Pull - Blank Escutcheon - TP-BE stands for thumbpiece pull, blank escutcheon.  This is the same as the TP trim, but it has no locking capability.  The blank escutcheon has no place for a cylinder.  Therefore, it can be thought of as a passage function that allows anyone to enter from the outside.


Von Duprin's 22 series is designed for use with medium traffic doors.  An example would be the back door of a restaurant or store.

Hex Dogging

The bar may be locked down by use of the hex key.  Push the bar in and turn the key to lock down the bar.  Hex dogging is furnished standard on all non-rated devices.


Outside Trims

The 22 device is furnished with no outside trim.  But trim may be added at any time by "bolting-on" a trim.

Think of outside trims as add-ons that can be bolted on (or removed) whenever needed.  They can be added after the fact by purchasing the trim separately.  They can also be added at the same time as the device by modifying the model number ordered.  The table below lists the variety of ways the 22 series may be ordered.

NOTE: When ordering a device and a trim together, they will ship as separate line items on the invoice.  For example, a 22L device includes the panic device plus a lever trim.  A 22EO device is listed on the invoice along with the trim, 230L.

Model Device Furnished Trim Furnished
22L 22EO Lever
22K 22EO Knob
22TP 22EO Thumbpiece Pull
22TP-BE 22EO Thumbpiece Pull - Blank Escutcheon
22NL 22EO Pull with cylinder hole
22NL-OP 22EO Trim ring for cylinder