33A Series

33A series





CODE: 3327A-EO


CODE: 3347A-EO

Price: $785.25

Rim Device

Price: $1,096.44

Surface Vertical Rod

Price: $1,355.64

Concealed Vertical Rod

386DT Trim


386NL Trim



Price: $186.71

Dummy Trim

Price: $329.63

Night Latch Trim



Von Duprin's 33A series is the new an improved version of the old 33 series.  Many of the internal parts changed, so be careful when ordering parts for this series.

The narrow head can mount to glass doors with metal frames as narrow as 2'' wide.  Since all the working parts are confined to such a narrow space, the 33A series is more expensive most than other series.

Nearly identical is the 35A series, which has a smooth case.  The 33A series uses grooves known as "ribs" on the case.  Other than the case, the two series are identical in every way including price.

Ordering the 33A series is relatively easy: specify device length and finish.  The difficulty comes in ordering the outside trim.  Like the head of the device, outside trim must mount to narrow 2" of flat surface area.  This makes the trims unique.

To simplify ordering, we've listed the devices separately from the trims on this web site.  If you need both device and trim, first order the device then order the trim separately.


If you need a 33A-NL exit device, you begin with only the device.  Order 33A-EO (exit only) for the device.  Then order the NL (night latch) trim as a separate line item.



Von Duprin just launched their new Concealed Vertical Cable (CVC) System.  This product has replaced traditional rods and has made installation and adjustments a heck of a lot easier!

The CVC System has been designed to be used with Von Duprin 98/99 and 33/35A series exit devices in both top & bottom latch and less bottom latch (LBL) options.  Standard door heights will be available as 6'8", 7', 8', 9' and 10'; additional door heights will also available with a slightly longer lead time.