5754 Mullion

CODE: 5754

5654 Mullion

CODE: 5654

9854 Mullion

CODE: 9854

Price: $955.10

Double Strike Aluminum Mullion

Price: $796.92

Standard Aluminum Mullion

Price: $647.30

Like 4854, But Fire-Rated

9954 Mullion

CODE: 9954

4954 Mullion

CODE: 4954

4854 Mullion

CODE: 4854

Price: $532.53

Like 4954, But Fire-Rated

Price: $337.23

Prep'd for 2 Standard Strikes

Price: $463.99

Prep'd for 1 Electric Strike

4754 Mullion

CODE: 4754


Price: $475.13

Prep'd for 2 Monitor Strikes




Removable Steel Mullions Mullions provide single door performance in double door openings with rim devices. Mullions are easily removed by loosening bottom set screw and removing top fitting cover. The top mullion fitting is attached to the frame and is concealed by the fitting cover.

Steel mullions are 2´´ (51mm) wide and 3´´ (76mm) deep, with a wall thickness of 1/8'' (3mm).

Mullions are shipped with mounting screws and prepared for strikes. Strikes are not included except where indicated. Steel mullions are available in SP28 and SP313 finishes.

KR – Keyed Removable Steel Mullions makes removal faster and easier by a single operation of the mortise cylinder. Once mullion is removed, large equipment or furniture can freely pass through the opening. The unit will self lock when re-installed, without use of the cylinder key. Uses a 1-1/4'' mortise cylinder with a straight cam (Schlage cam reference B502-191). Cylinders are sold separately. Prefix mullion model with “KR”.

Removeable Aluminum Mullions are 1-1/16'' (27mm) wide on face closest to the door and 2³|8´´ (60mm) at the widest point. The depth is 3-1/8(79mm) with a wall thickness of ¹|8´´ (3mm). Aluminum mullions are available in US4, US10, US28, 313AN and 315AN finishes.

Stock Hollow Metal Applications for devices mounted to cover ANSI 161 cutouts are higher than the standard mullion strike location.